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by Alleyhoops at 11:52 PM
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If james does not opt in for next season and take his 51.5 million salary, where does that leave the Lakers payroll and cap, and how much of that would-be salary will be available for use to sign other players? I know there's speculation about LeBron taking less if the Lakers were to sign Bronny (if and when he leaves USC), but I am interested in knowing where we stand cap-wise if LeBron opts out altogether.
by Helljumper at 4:34 PM
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Welcome to our new two-way player. I actually like this.

He had a great stint in November when the Blazers had a lot of injuries and had to play him heavy minutes.

Against Sacramento: 18 points and 11 assists

Against us: 15 points and 12 assists

Against Utah: 6 points and 10 assists

Against Cleveland: 13 points and 4 assists

Against us: 15 points and 8 assists

Against OKC: 11 points and 7 assists

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting TOO much from him. But a player like this gives us more important depth than Fudge/Hodge IMO. Especially with Vincent out, it’s nice to have another true PG on the team. If hypothetically Reaves or DLo had to miss some time, I’d feel more comfortable letting Mays soak up some PG minutes than JHS at this point
by JSM at 10:02 AM
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Rest assured Bron. Help is here.